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How can I use cash advance on my credit card? Is it also available outside of Japan?

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Cash advances are available within your available amount at banks' ATMs, Japan Post Bank ATMs, convenience stores' ATMs, and Cash Dispensers (CDs). You will be requested to input your PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access cash advances.
If your borrowing amount is under 10,000 Yen, you will be charged 110 Yen ATM usage fee. If your borrowing amount is above 10,000 Yen, you will be charged 220 Yen.
Also, you can use the internet cash advance service through Rakuten e-NAVI without any ATM usage fees.
When you are out of Japan, you can use cash advances at an affiliated ATM with the following logos.
※The repayment method for overseas cash advance services is by one-time payment only. Please understand that you cannot choose to pay by  revolving payment.